Your Year-End Playbook: 3 Ideas to Gain Momentum for 2020

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With the holiday season beginning to take hold, now is the time to take a step back and assess what marketing and business activities led you to success this past year and also identify spots where you may have struggled. Being able to effectively leverage, build on, and also replicate your success formulas heading into the new year is absolutely key to achieving all your goals for 2020.

If you’re looking for some new ways to make sure you finish off the year strong and carry that momentum with you into the new year, dive into these three ideas and start thinking about how to put them into action.

Stay In Touch & Stay Engaged

One of the most important things you can do to see sustained growth in your business is to continually grow and nurture your extended network. You should be regularly touching base with your key relationships in order to foster any potential future business opportunity and also to make sure they are thinking about you in a way that adds value to their lives.

This should not just be limited to your professional network, take full advantage of your family relationships and friends as well. Make sure they are aware of your business’s value proposition and you might be pleasantly surprised with some valuable referral opportunities.

Take Personalization A Step Further

The real key to all of your messaging is making it as hyper-personalized as possible. If you’re sending an email, be sure to tie in your value prop in with something you may know about them personally, whether it be something informal or a business problem you are confident you can solve. Adding in a piece of value-added content is always a strong way to make the communication sound less “salesy” and show them your willingness to add value.

You may also want to consider a hand-written note as a unique way to stand out among the masses of holiday emails.

There are also tools out there like which can really take your email’s to the next level with fully custom embedded videos.

The two key messages to take away when you’re reaching out are making sure to express your gratitude for their relationship and to keep them as personalized as possible to stand out from the noise that hits everyone’s inbox at this time of year.

Stick to these two theme’s and you should be putting yourself in the best position to be as referrable as possible heading into the new year.

Load Up Your Calendar

If your goal is getting off to a strong start in January, generating as much face to face time with your key relationships as possible before the end of the year has to be a top priority.

In person meetings will always be ideal but can often be hard to get on the books. Setting up calls should be your next best option. These meetings/calls can be as formal or informal as you’d like, but always be mindful to ask about some of the main challenges facing their business. At the same time, be thinking about how your business can potentially solve these problems or someone you could refer them if not.

The goal of this idea is to make sure the start of your new year is filled up with meetings and calls, putting you on track to close new business right away and not waste any time. Putting together a loaded calendar of relationships and prospects naturally sets your year up for early success.

Finish What You Started

You can’t truly focus on your new business prospects for the new year unless you make a concerted effort to close out all your pending business you currently have outstanding.

This time of year, it’s essential to gain closure on anything you currently have outstanding from a business perspective. In your messaging, you want your call to action to be something along the lines of “let’s get closure this year so we can go into next year full steam.” That has to be your mentality as well in order to truly start fresh with your new strategies and clients. You have to create the urgency to inspire action on their part which in turn will create peace of mind for you as a result.

This is also the perfect time to really focus in on your pipeline of clients and prospective clients. Prioritize and document where everyone is in the sale’s cycle and determine where to hone your effort and time going into the new year.

Tie It All Together

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