Automated referrals make it easy to generate more business from client referrals and your personal network!

Our Automated Referral Intelligence goes far beyond the “auto-responders” and best of all – it is easy to set up!

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    What does referral marketing automation do?

    The system reaches out to your current client base and network and immediately engages them in personal and authentic emails and text messages that get delivered, opened, and clicked on. Then, the system takes care of all the key behaviors that most professionals can’t do, won’t do, or don’t know how to do. This includes asking for referrals in ways people prefer, motivating them to refer (incentives), facilitating an effective introduction, getting the referral interested in your business prior to contact, and ultimately generating meeting requests (as opposed to chasing leads).

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    What happens next?

    Simultaneously, the system sends a “thank you” to both your clients and the new client generated through the referral. You can also use the referral automation software to offer rewards and incentives (if you choose) to clients who refer you. All this happens behind the scenes with your referral program automation turning your personal network and your clients into a sales force working for you 24/7! All of this can be fully integrated with your email, tech stack, and we even make it easy to set up campaigns with your LinkedIn contacts.

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    What about my personal network?

    Are you regularly asking your personal network to do business or connect you to others who will? If you are, then you’ll know it’s incredibly time-consuming, and if you’re not, then you’re probably missing out on untapped business. With automated referral management, you can streamline this process. ReferMe IQ™ automatically does the leg work for you by drip mailing value-added emails and text messages to your network with multiple potential calls to action that generate business for you.

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    How easy is referral marketing automation to set up?

    You or any delegate you may assign can set up and run our automated referral software. It takes less than 60 minutes to get set up, with our DIY Pro+ plan. For you super busy or even low tech professionals you’ll want to engage with our Managed Service platform where we do virtually everything for you including ongoing optimization. Once set up, everything is “set and forget” until you want to change it.

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    What other options do I have with this?

    Though we make it easy by providing guidance and best in class industry specific, high-conversion templates – you get to choose from many options along the way:

    – Customizable templates to align with your tone and personality
    – Add a referral incentive to increase conversion
    – Add links to value-added content
    – Determine # of emails in a campaign, content, and frequency of emails
    – Add a customized quiz to provoke interest and urgency

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    How do I know this is working?

    Your referrals will come by email, telephone and often in person – all because you started the discussions through ReferMe IQ™. Your dashboard captures all the action and organizations will receive robust enterprise-level reporting capabilities.