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Why automate your referral marketing system?

The Importance of Referrals in Growing Your Business

Business referrals are incredibly powerful!

Your potential customers put a lot of trust in the recommendations of their friends, family, colleagues, and even influencers, and you’ve got to start using this to your advantage. You’ve got hundreds or even thousands of loyal customers, each with their own networks, so tap into it!

91% of customers would refer others if asked, yet fewer than 11% of professionals ask for referrals.

If you can put the right processes in place, then business referral marketing (word-of-mouth marketing) can be a goldmine for your company. Referrals are 400% more likely to convert to clients as compared to other lead sources!

Why Automate Your Referral System?

If you are referable you will get some referrals, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The question is, what do you do about it?

The answer lies in automation – a business referral program that does the work for you. There are lots of leads waiting to be discovered in your clients’ contacts, but the scale of your outreach is important.

Without automation, it’s difficult to reach enough people at scale. However, with the best business referral platform, you can effortlessly reach a huge network of people in no time at all.

Professionals who actively seek out and exploit referrals earn 4-5x more than those who don’t.

How Does ReferMe IQ’s Referral Marketing Software Work?

The old world is a tedious manual process, and it’s not designed to scale easily.

ReferMe IQ’s referral business systems have completely modernized this system by automating the process.

The system reaches out to your current client base and network and immediately engages them in personal and authentic emails and text messages that get delivered, opened, and clicked on. Then, the system takes care of all the key behaviors that most professionals can’t do, won’t do, or don’t know how to do. This includes asking for referrals in ways people prefer, motivating them to refer (incentives), facilitating an effective introduction, getting the referral interested in your business prior to contact, and ultimately generating meeting requests (as opposed to chasing leads).

Why Trust ReferMe IQ with Your Referral Marketing Strategies?

We’re not just another business referral website or incentive program.

We’ve spent time perfecting our proven referral process and turning it into a simple solution all types of businesses can implement. It’s not just our marketing skills you can rely on, but also our 30+ years of advisor and agent industry experience creating easy-to-use yet powerful software.

Our referral marketing software is built with compliance in mind, making it the perfect solution for companies in professional industries looking to maximize business networking referrals.

You’re just one step away from building a truly referral-based business!