Why Top Sales Professionals Succeed: Tips & Techniques

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Ever wonder how it is that the top 1% of sale professionals consistently out produce the remaining 99%? What do we know about this top %? What do they think and do differently and how can you do it also?

The good news is that there has been numerous studies on this that can help us answer these questions. In addition, I have personally trained thousands of sales professionals and can add my experience to help simplify this for you.

Techniques that Top Sales Professionals Use

Here’s a summary you can use to compare with what you think and do – use it to self-assess then take action.

Based on a recent study by OMG (Objective Management Group) of 1M salespeople – here is what we know are the top factors that distinguish the 1%:

  • They are goal oriented
  • They have a strong desire and commitment for sales success
  • They are comfortable talking about $ – big $
  • They are trainable – using systems to enable success
  • They are fully accountable for their results – no excuse mindset

In addition, top sales professionals know their “Vital Statistics” and work to improve and leverage them every day.

  1. Activity – generating leads and targeted activity from leads
  2. Success Ratio– effectiveness with converting activity to business
  3. Sales Size – effectiveness with targeting right prospects and increasing share of business

Top sales people understand that if they take actions to improve 2+ of these Vital Stats at the same time, they will see quantum leap growth in sales.

For example, there is a reason referral prospecting is the holy grail of marketing. When you get your clients and personal network to refer you – you are increasing Activity and improving Success Ratio because conversion is higher with referrals –by 400%!

So, now that you are armed with this information, here are 3 steps can you take right away:

  1. Get clear on your values, goals, and what it means to you to achieve strong sales results. In other words, get yourself locked and loaded to achieve. This helps you focus your “self –talk” on the right things and sets in motion the powerful “law of intention”. If you need a tool that can help, you can download this free marketing plan template.
  2. Find a system that can help you consistently produce quality leads and activity for your business by leveraging the relationships with your clients and personal network – the most effective lead source. The best I have seen by far is ReferMe IQ.
  3. Hire a coach or find a mentor. In the end, if you were able to do all of the things you know you should do to achieve sales success – you would already be in the top %! Right? We are all impacted by human nature – our avoidance of pain and desire for pleasure. As a result, it is often quite challenging to take action on key activities and stay accountable. An experienced coach or mentor can really help. You can start with your personal network to find one. Here is a great consulting resource that can also help.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your journey to the 1%!

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