Try These No-Brainer Ways to Spice Up Your Referral Marketing Activities

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Stop it.

We have heard every excuse in the book, but there will always be a reason that you have for not getting more referrals. “I don’t have time”; “I don’t want to bother my customers”; and “It’s too hard to track” are just a few things that simply won’t cut it anymore in this world of automated solutions and quick fixes you can implement to do the asking for you.

If you are serious about getting referrals, there are several things that you can do in under an hour that will pay dividends in the future. The best thing is, once you have put these in place you don’t have to do anything except watch the referrals come in. Let’s take a look at a few:

Is Your Website Working for You?

You have a website, and as a result, you probably get traffic. Some of these people are anonymous, however, a decent percentage are probably current or past customers passing by to see what your business is up to.

In addition to your main calls-to-action, make sure that you also think about including a visible place to thank your current customers, and more importantly remind them that your business runs on/appreciates referrals. By making some sort of mention, along with an easy way to submit their contact information, you can create a passive referral generation source that is working on your behalf.

Don’t Forget to Ask Through Email

Let’s keep this one simple. Do you have an email signature? (The part of your email that includes your name, phone number & email address?)

Add a single line to the very bottom of your signature that asks for referral business. By taking the time to put something such as “We Appreciate Referrals to Your Friends & Family” at the bottom of your email, every person who receives a communication from you will get a prompt to send someone your way.

Close Your Online Content with a Strong CTA

Odds are that you have a blog or some type of news section on your website. If so, it is a great idea to include a quick byline that the end of each article that tells the reader a little bit about yourself, what your business does, and also includes a quick mention to refer people your way.

If you happen to have a WordPress website, there are easy plugins that you can download that will insert this text automatically into each post. Here is a list of the 15 Best Author Bio Plugins that you can use to accomplish the task.

Add an Evergreen Blurb to All of Your Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects, and are also a prime place to include a quick section or button to prompt your readers to refer someone who could use your services.

It depends on the service that you use for your email marketing, but most of the template builders will have a spot in the header or footer to include a quick text link that you can use to politely ask for additional referral business. If you are using a template, plug this byline in there, and make sure that you include it with all of your communications.

Supercharge Your Activities with Referral Automation

If you are really serious about ramping up your referral marketing efforts, these days there are some great solutions out there that can automate the process for you. By utilizing technology, you can tap into your existing customer base or personal network to consistently deliver targeted messages over time that are asking specifically for referrals. Never again will you slap yourself in the head because you “forgot” to reach out to your network.

With automated referral solutions like ReferMe IQ, the system will do the asking on your behalf. Typically, you only spend about an hour setting up your referral strategy and then sit back and watch the system work its magic. The only effort required is simply to monitor the system’s analytics to see where your referrals are coming from, and the next steps you need to consider to turn them into paying clients.

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