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When you have your automated emails sending, it’s possible you may want to send a one-time email that’s not part of the sequence. This could be something like a holiday greeting, an event invitation, or a timely message that you want to get out to your lists. There are a few steps involved so as not to mess up your auto-sending. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, go into your email messages and use the +Add Message button to open up a blank email template. Just go ahead and type up your email as you generally would, and we suggest using the Mail Merge codes to include your signature and any other links you’d like to add, such as the Contact Me and/or Refer Someone to Me links.

2. Next, go to your email schedule, and make note of the date your next send is going to take place, so you can add it back in after your one time send. Usually, the system retains it, but good to have just in case it does not.

3. Change your schedule to Manual and save the changes.

4. Open up your email messages again, and you’ll see that there is now a Send to List button next to each message – click on that for the one-time message you want to send. You’ll get a message that it has been queued to send.

5. Give it at least an hour or so, just to be sure that the send is complete. Then go back to your email schedule, change back to sequential sending, and if the date wasn’t retained, put in the next send date and save your changes.

6. Done!

You’ll want to delete the email once it has sent, so it doesn’t stay in your sequence and get sent out again – just use the Delete button next to that message to remove it from the queue. Again, just as with the change back to sequential – don’t delete it immediately, you need to give it a little time. You can either check the results after about an hour to ensure the send has completed to your full list, or just make a note to go back tomorrow and take it out.

This way you can handle timely one-off messages and also ensure that your automated emails continue to work for you.

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