A home services firm in Atlanta, Georgia was referred as a potential client seeking timely and cost-effective wins for their business. They serve consumers and businesses in waterproofing and foundation repair. The main challenge was the poor performance of online marketing via SEO and PPC. They felt the time and large investment were not worth the low-conversion leads being produced.

This required a heavy follow-up sales process to convert these irregular leads. Their clients would recommend them to referrals sparingly, but not predictably. This left their firm at the whim of website traffic, mediocre leads, and the occasional referral from past satisfied clients that weren’t regular enough to supplant the business’s desired growth trajectory.

ReferMe IQ™ connected with the firm and helped them utilize their dense email database paired with our proprietary software to rapidly gain net new referrals. They preferred these leads due to their high and easy conversion, unlike the others they relied on prior. This was a massive breakthrough for them.

Before our relationship together, their business was surviving on digital leads. Referrals were never a main source. Upon swift implementation, the company received 2 referrals and countless contact requests. In addition, they received responses outside the system thanks to ReferMe IQ™ resulting in referrals. This all happened in the first few weeks of working together. The client has been delighted ever since our partnership began in 2022 and has been thriving with the volume of referrals driven by the ReferMe IQ™ system.

Post author: Peter Velardi