You signed up for an online marketing program – now what?

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The Top 3 drivers to make something happen with it!

Here is the scenario: We get a very compelling communication of some type that motivates us to sign up for some type of marketing automation program that we really believe can help us grow our business. Then we sign up for the trial or whatever introductory offer exists at the time -maybe along with a promo code. We are excited to use it and see the value.

Then BAM! It happens. We get caught in the “pounding surf” of everything going on in our lives and we do one of a few things:

1. We never use it – trial expires or we start paying and need to cancel – that’s a hassle!
2. We make a half-hearted attempt at it – try a few features – but really don’t commit and therefore we don’t see value
3. We fully commit – we take a full swing – and then often we see tremendous value!

Unfortunately, #3 doesn’t happen as often as we hope.

Here are the top 3 drivers that stack the odds that you will actually use it and see the value in your purchase:

1. Set the right expectations with yourself and/or your team – upfront!

– Make the decision that you will do whatever it takes to set up the system right. I don’t care how intuitive the software is – it will take some time to set it up correctly.
– Commit to doing that immediately – within a day or 2 of when you sign up.
– Commit to using the system continuously during the trial period (usually 14 -30 days) to fully experience it.
– As with any marketing system, the best results come over time based on repetitive and effective actions.

2. Integrate your new marketing automation system with your marketing plan and calendar

– Have a marketing plan – many don’t! If you need a starting point – check out this Marketing Plan Template.
– Have a marketing calendar that maps out key marketing activities such as events, social media, advertising, and any touch points with your marketing automation.
– Use your new marketing automation to support other marketing techniques. For example, you want to be able to easily upload lists from your CRM and new relationships from events you have participated in. Here is a system that makes all of this very easy.
– Establish a weekly marketing slot and use that time to set up and maintain your new marketing automation system and implementation of your marketing plan.
– Respect your marketing time – don’t take calls, return emails, or anything else – what could be more important than acquiring new customers for that block of time?

3. Don’t get discouraged if you get stuck – get help!

– We all have various degrees of technology readiness. No matter what yours may be, at some point, we all hit some snags with using any software application.
– If you are anything like me, when that happens, you may want to throw up your hands and just quit and never go back again!
– Instead, I have found that digging in just a bit pays huge dividends. Generally, the answer to our challenges can easily be found in FAQs, tutorial videos, and blog posts, by calling a helpline, or using the chat function or Contact Us function.
– Active problem-solving builds lots of confidence and takes a fraction of the time we spend spinning in our minds at times.
– Of course, you can avoid a lot of problems by choosing a system that is easy to set up, use and maintain

To your success and smart marketing…

Post author: Peter S. Velardi

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