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Have you ever noticed that all mega-brands use taglines in their businesses? If I said to you “Just do it!” or “What’s in your wallet?” Or, “Stay thirsty, my friends;” you would know exactly what company and what product I’m talking about.  Taglines not only prove to be effective marketing for mega-brands but they are super impactful to small businesses and their growth.

How can Small Businesses Incorporate Taglines?

Unfortunately, most small businesses are so busy doing the work that they don’t have any time to employ a marketing plan that uses taglines to help the business grow.  When it comes to small business management, client acquisition is always job #1.  We know that referrals are the smartest way to get that job done.  Referred prospects are the easiest to sell, and the easiest to please, they tend to buy more and they are more likely to refer another client.  So how can you get there faster?

The effective use of taglines can make this 100% referral-based business goal a reality. The objective is to use taglines to continually remind your current clients and customers that you prefer to grow via referrals.


The following 4-step Tagline approach is proven to work:

  1. End all of your emails with a footer that says “Thanks for the referrals, they’re making a difference in my business.”
  2. End all of your snail-mail correspondence with a P.S. that says the same thing.  “Thanks for the referrals, they’re making a difference in my business.”
  3. End your voicemail greeting with “Thanks for the referrals, they’re making a difference in my business.”

Every time a client reaches out to you or receives any communication from you, they get the clear message that referrals are a huge part of your business. They see that referrals are important to you.  And frankly, if they’re not regularly giving you referrals, they begin to realize that you expect them.

The 4th piece and most important aspect of this approach is that you have to ask for referrals with a direct “call to action” in addition to the subtle reminders in steps 1-3.  As you can imagine, this is where the system often breaks down.

Steps 1-3 are actually simple to execute because you set them up once and you forget about them.  But asking consistently, every time, to everyone and with skill is difficult.  In fact, it rarely occurs unless it is automated with a system like ReferMeIQ.

Why this 4-step process is so important

This four-step process utilizing taglines is perhaps the most powerful and effective referral strategy I’ve ever witnessed.  When it’s used with an automation system like ReferMeIQ, it’s like a supercharger on your client acquisition machine.  But remember that it must be used in its entirety.  Similar to a recipe for a fine meal, when you leave out just one ingredient it simply doesn’t taste the same.  Likewise, with the referral tagline system, if you leave out just one piece it just doesn’t work.

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