How To Use ReferMe IQ™ – The Do’s and Don’ts

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So, now that you’ve determined that you want to drive more referrals to your business, and you’ve signed up for ReferMe IQ™ to automate the process…how do you make it most effective? Some simple dos and don’ts will help things run smoothly.

DO: take the time to set up your system and get it ready to use. The more this sounds like you and feels like you to your clients, the better it’s going to work.

DON’T: sign up and then not use the system! As silly as it sounds, we’ve had that happen.

DO: plan to import your client list, and any personal network lists you have. ReferMe IQ™ is designed to work with relationships, not with strangers, so you want to be sure you import people you know, who will recognize your name and want to open emails from you. You will also want to makes sure each has valid email addresses.

DON’T: import lists of strangers. You won’t get the results you’re looking for, and you risk having your system paused if your emails are bouncing.

DO: personalize your emails. Again, your contacts should recognize the tone and character of the emails they get from you.

DO: use the auto-sending feature – whether sequential or date-based – to maximize convenience and results.

DO: also activate auto-sending for your Referrals list. That way, your referrals will start hearing from you on a regular basis. This will let you offer value and increase the probability of conversion.

DON’T: give up if you don’t receive referrals from your very first email. It can take some time to get your clients in the habit of referring you, so stick with it.

DO: take advantage of referring others to us and getting a free month for anyone who signs up – we practice what we preach and love to get referrals.

DO: Add links to valuable content to share with your relationships such as blogs, relevant articles, whitepapers, videos, etc. This can build trust, deepen relationships and create urgency to take action – all leading to the potential for client new business and increased likelihood for referrals.

DON’T: Attempt to add “spammy” looking images. That can lead to bouncing or undelivered emails.

These simple dos and don’ts will help you get off to a successful start. And of course please feel free to share your feedback with us as you use the system – we get some of our best upgrade ideas from our users.

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