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We are often asked about the option of including your Personal Network in your ReferMe IQ™ system. The Client list is obvious – these are your current clients or customers. But who goes into the Network list?

It’s designed for you to email people you know, but who aren’t current clients. They could be friends and family, centers of influence, other professionals in your network – basically anyone who would be inclined to open an email from you. The email templates we have in the list invite people to either do business with you or to refer others to you.

So – how to get these people into ReferMe IQ™? You have two options – you can add people one at a time, using the “+ New” button in the Network List. All you need is first name, last name, and email address for the system to do its job. Or, you can import from a .csv or .xlsx file. Many of us have our contacts in a database of some sort…either within our email accounts, or within a contact system we use to create things like holiday or birthday card mailing lists. These can generally be exported, and then you can review the list to determine which names you want to include.

And – why include them? Well, your personal contacts meet the criteria for inclusion – they know you, doubtless they like you, and they will open your emails – and they are likely to appreciate the chance to hear about the services you offer, or to refer people to you. So they represent a great opportunity – go ahead and add them in!

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