A Software Executive Taps into His Client Network to See Big ROI

An ATL based experienced software sales executive has built a strong base of satisfied clients and has a solid personal network from working and living in the area for a while. He gets referrals by accident without doing much asking and he rarely reaches out to his network for business. As a result, his business and sales are growing, but not at the rate he desires to achieve the wealth he wants. He signs up and uses RMIQ. Immediately, 3 things happen. First, his first email blast to clients sparks conversations with clients he never had before – the benefits to clients and him when they introduce others. Second, he receives immediate referrals. Third, a number of people from his network asked him “why haven’t you told me about your business before?” That led to new activity he never had before and additional sales as a result.



A New Pharma Rep Uses ReferMe IQ to Grow Her Network

A new Pharma sales rep. is hired recently and is new to the Austin area. She is told that the company provides leads for her to call on. She has been with the company for about a year and is struggling. She feels she doesn’t have the control over her income that she thought – because she is too dependent on “stranger” leads (cold calling) that have low conversion and require massive effort. After a consultation with one of our marketing experts, she realized that she knows more people than she thought in the health care field that may be able to refer others and would likely help her. She signed up for RMIQ and automated a monthly campaign to her small, but growing customer base, and a quarterly campaign to her network. She was amazed how many people were willing to help her out and it led to a key introduction to large physician’s network that she never would have been able to get an appointment with. Could be a game changer for her.



A Financial Services Sales Leader Helps His Team Ramp Up Sales with ReferMe IQ

A financial services sales leader in Boston runs an office of 40 sales reps (financial advisors). His productivity has been slipping because his reps are not acquiring enough new clients. He is experiencing retention problems as a result. His standard “marketing program” is outdated and few of his people have an effective marketing plan that focuses on generating enough quality leads from relationships. He comes to RMIQ for help. First thing we do is to help him build a turnkey marketing program for both new and experienced reps starting with our marketing plan template. Like most businesses, marketing support is the #1 most requested support by sales reps. Next, we set up an Enterprise relationship to use RMIQ with his office. After a training webinar, we helped each of his reps set up their campaigns to clients and their personal network. The sales leader received an Enterprise Administration Dashboard that captured all of the metrics on a rollup and individual basis to ensure ROI. Over the next year – the culture completely changed. He was able to attract more talent with better marketing support, and productivity and retention increased by 30%.



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