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The ReferMe IQ™ team came together with over 100 years of experience across multiple industries to solve the number one problem in business: How to Get Enough Customers. A lack of new clients is why 90% of businesses fail and many others struggle to grow and prosper.
Unfortunately, traditional marketing has most businesses spending time and money on converting total strangers to customers. Thus, the massive Referral and Personal Network business opportunity is missed.
The mission at ReferMe IQ™ is to help you generate Referral and Personal Network customers with state of the art marketing intelligence so you get more leads faster and cheaper.

Peter Velardi has 25+ years building businesses in the Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Industry including American Express and Ameriprise Financial with last 10 as SVP of US Advisor Group. His #1 focus was on building talent and teaching them to build referral based businesses.
Peter retired from that world 10 years ago to pursue passion of building businesses through entrepreneurial ventures as consultant, advisor, angel investor, principle and owner/operator. Along the way, led multiple roles of M & A equation on the buy side, sell side, including liquidation events, and 100M+ $ raises.
Along the way, he observed a significant gap that he wanted to solve relating to building referral based businesses. Though 83% of consumers would refer someone to a professional/business, less than 12% of businesses have an effective referral system. Technology solutions were unfocused and ineffective. Taking his 25+ years building referral based businesses and combining it with best in class technology, ReferMe IQ was created to provide businesses with the most effective and simple to use referral system available.

Peter S Velardi
ReferMe IQ

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