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As a former sales professional myself and leader of thousands, I understand that your number one challenge, is getting enough quality, targeted leads, and then converting them to new customers. Your world is all about generating sufficient activity with the highest potential prospects. Your skills and training will take care of the rest. You know the best way to do that, of course, would be to generate 100% of your leads, from referrals, from your existing relationships, your customers, and your network.

And for good reason, it takes less time, it costs way less than traditional marketing and leads to four times the conversion, and the best news; 83% of your customers and network would refer you, if asked. The problem is, most of you are likely too busy to build the skills, or obtain a system, that will bring referral success to you. In addition, attending countless networking events can be taxing and unproductive.

Our system, by contrast, will ask your relationships for referrals consistently, and motivate your relationships to refer and recommend you to their referrals. And it has all the drivers built in that create that actionable path for referrals to ask to meet with you. All of this with little time, effort, and for about what you’re spending on coffee each month. So if you want to finally build that high-growth, referral-based business you’ve always wanted, come check us out.

WHY REFERME IQ™ is the Ultimate Referral System

  • It makes it simple to automate the entire referral process
  • With built-in incentives, your clients and personal network will be motivated to refer you
  • With our system, you will never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals ever again
  • At our low price point, it doesn’t take much to get a HUGE ROI from your investment
  • Finally – an easy way to get consistent referral business, with minimal ongoing effort!



Post author: Peter Velardi