Video Transcription:
Hey, I want to talk to you today, about a marketing plan. Only 20% of businesses have one, I’d like you to be one of them. So if you have a marketing plan, you might first be asking, well, what should be in it?

Here are the critical components, number one, you want to make sure that you have a vision, a clear vision of where the business is going. So you have the passion and energy and resources to align to it. Second it, get really clear about who are you ideal clients. So that you can go after the people that, ultimately, you want to build your business on. Third, is once you have that defined, you want to get really clear on, what are your strategies and tactics, to attract that group of people, with where they hang out.

And once you define your strategies and tactics, then it’s all about execution, and that’s going to be about having a marketing calendar, and the systems in place to accomplish the strategies and tactics that you now have defined.

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    Post author: Peter Velardi