The National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA) and ReferMe IQ™ have partnered to provide insurance professionals with access to a powerful automation system that generates referrals from existing clients with minimal time and effort.

Lakewood Ranch, FL, DATE— NAPA is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with ReferMe IQ™ to offer NAPA members access to automated software that generates referrals from an agent’s existing network of clients and friends.

According to Nielsen, statistics show that referrals convert at four times the rate of ordinary leads. However, a Texas Tech study indicated that only 29% of customers take the time to actively refer a company to their connections, even though 83% indicate that they would be willing to refer business if they were asked. Agents often hold back from asking for referrals over the fear of appearing pushy or desperate. Sometimes, agents simply forget to ask for referrals.

“We saw a great opportunity with ReferMe IQ™ to provide our members with access to a tool that we know will help them grow their businesses with minimal time and effort,” says Chris Pfeffer, Account Executive at NAPA.

Without developing new leads that convert into customers, Forbes estimates that 90% of businesses will fail. ReferMe IQ™ systematically reaches out an agent’s existing network and asks for referrals on their behalf. Introductions from a client’s network produce the best leads with the highest retention. ReferMe IQ™ provides best practice templates, rewards, and incentives as well as tools that make it easy for busy insurance agents to build relationships effectively by using a fully-automated system.

“Great businesses get referrals, they get a lot of them, and they get them on purpose and with a systematic approach. We believe that the ReferMe IQ™ referral system can help agents take their referral business to the next level,” says ReferMe IQ™ CEO Peter Velardi.

About NAPA

The National Association of Professional Agents has been providing valuable insurance and non-insurance benefits and services tailored to the unique needs of insurance agents since 1989. NAPA is an industry leader in agent E&O insurance and also provides agents with access to health and life insurance options, free continuing education vouchers, cyber liability insurance as well as discounts from thousands of local and national retailers. Learn more about NAPA’s extensive portfolio of agent benefits and services by visiting

About ReferMe IQ

The ReferMe IQ™ team came together with over 100 years of experience across multiple industries to solve the number one problem in business: How to Get Enough Customers. Traditional marketing has most agents spending time and money on converting total strangers into customers. Thus, referral and personal network business opportunities are missed. Our mission at ReferMe IQ™ is to help agents generate referrals with state-of-the-art marketing intelligence developed to quickly generate results with minimal time and expense.

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