Video Transcription:
Hey I wanna talk to you today and what we know about the modern consumer and the implications to your marketing. We know a lot but three things I’d like to point out. One is that attention spans are dropping considerably, and people as you know are consuming information differently, such as with short videos. Number two, we know still however that email is the number one preferred way that consumers want to learn about your products and services, by a long shot, 77%. And then lastly, we also know that they are still willing to refer you to others.

In fact, 83% of today’s modern consumers would refer somebody if asked. What’s that mean to you? The so what for you is to make sure that in your marketing you’re targeting ways to your market that they prefer to consume information and making sure that referral prospecting in any way automated should be a key part to your marketing programs.

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    Post author: Peter Velardi