A Personal Care Franchisee Meets their Quota with Referrals

An ATL based Franchisee is working to fill his rental units for a nationally branded Personal Care business. He has 50 units to fill with hairstylists, massage therapists and other personal care professionals. He has a marketing plan focused on 2 outcomes:

    1. Attracting the best leases available to fill his spaces
    2. Create a marketing value proposition to provide to leases that can help them grow their business. He believes this will help attract and retain the best tenants/businesses.

For marketing he has been doing some events, advertising, direct mail, email campaigns and social media. He is getting some results – but it is very time consuming and costly because he is really going after “strangers”. Further – it doesn’t solve his secondary objective of providing a turnkey marketing system for his tenants that can help them grow.

He learns about ReferMe IQ™ and immediately see’s the benefits of marketing to his relationships he has built in the community and in his past corporate life. He also quickly understands how this can be the turnkey marketing system that he can provide to his tenants to help them grow their business. He quickly sees that leveraging clients and network relationships is the way to go for everyone. Referral generate the highest conversion, revenue at the least cost. This had immediate impact on the bottom line of the Franchisee, and tenants. A classic win/win/win/win!



A Family based Financial Advisory Taps into Referrals for Accelerated Growth

A NY based Financial Advisory practice (22 advisor RIA firm) is growing modestly, but has been thinking about ways to achieve faster growth. They want to bring in on additional advisors including family members, but they were concerned that they didn’t have an effective marketing system to support them. Historically, advisors built their practice through event marketing, cold calls to businesses, and working their natural market. They believe in the school of hard knock using traditional methods that do not work as well today or with the millennial generation – the top source of new advisors.

They came to us through a free Marketing Consultation. It was quickly discovered that they had a gold mine they were not leveraging at all – the great relationships they have built with clients and each of their professional networks. We showed them how they can use ReferMe IQ™ in two ways to achieve their growth objectives. First, we set up the system to leverage their relationships to recruit the right advisors. Second, they entered into an Enterprise Relationship with us to provide our platform to all advisors. We trained the advisors and provided an Enterprise Reporting system so they can track results to ensure ROI. The results were immediate. Advisors were able to acquire more clients though referrals driving a new level of growth. Additionally, because they now have access to a proven, turnkey marketing system – they were able to strengthen their story and value proposition for new recruits. Face it- the #1 support required by advisors is marketing support. For the Millennia’s – it better include cutting edge technology!



A Young Dental Practice Establishes Itself with ReferMe IQ™

A young Dentist a few years out of dental school is trying to establish herself in the Miami area where there is lots of competition. She quickly learns that she has all the technical skills to succeed, but lacks knowledge with how to market herself and her practice. She also can’t spend much given her new overhead and payback of student loans. She sees an ad promoting a free Marketing Planning Template from ReferMe IQ™ and downloads it immediately. She takes the time to really work through it. She quickly gets clear on what her business is all about, how her value proposition is unique and better than competitors and developed some initial marketing strategies and tactics. She decided to focus on busy women professionals in Miami area and created a flexible scheduling process to accommodate them, along with some key messages as content to attract them.

Then the fun began. She needed to figure out the fastest, least expensive way to get the attention of her target market and attract these professional women to her practice. After learning about the power of referrals and relationship marketing from us, she started thinking about all of the relationships she already had with professional women. Between her current clients so far, her professional network and her personal network – she counted over 100 people to start with! She uploaded her contact list from outlook, her LinkedIn contacts and her client list in to the ReferMe IQ™ system with the push of buttons. She was able to quickly edit out any “out of segment” contacts so she was left with a focused target list.

Finally, she used out templates to set up a series of authentic emails using the messaging and subject lines she believed would resonate with her target market. Her approach was simple- “I specialize in your unique needs – help me to help you and others in similar situations….”

For $50 per month, she couldn’t believe the results! Her network grew rapidly, and she began to receive immediate referrals and requests for appointments!


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