CPA practice looking to get the word out on expanded services

An LA-based CPA practice has developed a new service for their small business clients (a strategic business planning process). They wanted to get the word out to their client base and networks. Their first thought was to use social media and their “auto-responder email platform with mass outreach. However, they were hesitant, as efforts to “shotgun” communications in the past didn’t produce the conversion to leads, clients and business they had hoped for- it just made everyone feel good that they “got the word out”. They learned about ReferMe IQ™ through a friend and checked it out. They quickly learned that they could easily upload their key relationships to the system with a push of a button (client list, network, and a warm prospect list). They then modified the templates and set up email campaigns that targeted specific messages to each list and added links to their new product offering. Most importantly, they learned that the system had everything built into it to not only “get the word out”, but to create the actionable path that motivates and incents relationships to refer, do more business, and ask the CPA firm for a meeting to explore their new solution. Lastly, they were surprised to learn that it took hours not days to set it up and then it was set and forget so it required little if any maintenance. Once established, email alerts began filling their inboxes from clients, network, and referrals wanting to meet.



Large legal firm needs a business development tool for their junior attorneys

A 200 person legal firm in Houston has been training attorneys on acquiring new clients through referrals with limited success. They continue to run into roadblocks. How do I ask professionally? How do I motivate and incent to refer? How do I get them to make a credible introduction and endorse me to the referral? How do I get the referral interested in my services? How do I make it easy for the referral to request a consultation – assuming all of that happened?? There had to be a better way. The head of business development reached out to us to learn more. They caught on quickly to the fact that every step necessary was already built into the system. They implemented with a small group of attorneys then expanded quickly. In the end, they were able to increase billable hours dramatically while reducing training costs.


Post author: Peter Velardi