An Insurance Agent Stops Purchasing Lists & Grows Her Business with Referrals

An insurance agent in Ohio works for a large branded insurance company offering mostly life, health and P & C lines to individuals. She has a growing account base, but knows she needs more customers. She has tried a number of lead generation services to supplement the orphan account leads the company provides, but did not get much for results. She has also tried doing email campaigns using big name CRM’s and auto responders with lists she purchased. Again – lots of effort, but not much results. She learned about RMIQ from an advertisement and watched a demo. She signed up hoping this system was different. Was it ever! She described the other systems as a “shotgun” approach and us as the “assassins”! She used RMIQ to reach out systematically to clients and her network to ask for referrals to exactly the type of customers she helps the most and likes working with – professional women. Her relationships were happy to refer her to others and the $100 Amazon gift card, as an incentive didn’t hurt either.


An Agency Owner Replicates His Best Clients with a Steady Stream of Referrals

An independent agent with his own shop has been trying to build market presence and his book of business in a suburb of Philadelphia. He has a decent website, does some email marketing to lists, does some networking, and gets some referrals occasionally. As a result, he does acquire some new customers – but what he lacks is a system to pull it all together. He signs up for RMIQ and works with one of our specialists. She works with him to quickly upload his best clients he wants to replicate, 300 of his best relationships in his personal network, and list of referrals he has received but not yet converted to clients. They set up simply monthly email campaigns to each group using our templates including links to educational materials with each email that add value. It took all of 3 hours to set everything up. The entire system is set and forget so the only thing he had to do was follow up on lead alerts in his inbox asking for appointments. He couldn’t believe the warm reception from his clients and network. They wondered why he hadn’t asked for help before. RMIQ helped him generate more activity in multiple ways including direct referrals from clients, people in personal network requesting free price quotes, client walk in and call in for reviews, and even more traffic to his website and LinkedIn profile!


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