A Dental Practice wants to expand

A local Atlanta based Dental Practice has an established and fully staffed practice. Revenue is stable and based mostly on ongoing business from existing patients. New clients come mostly through referrals but only replace those lost due to move outs, etc. At the same time, expenses continue to rise taking a bite out of profits. They do “passive” referral marketing with signage – but no one proactively asks, believing it was “unprofessional”. That was until a patient who had just attended one of our Webinars (Why You Don’t Get Referrals and What to Do About It) changed all of that. She shared that 83% of people would refer if asked and that not asking exposes the business to competitive threats from those who do ask. She told them about our automated referral platform that she uses for her spa business. The Dental Practice worked with us to design email campaigns specifically for their patients that were professional, added links to educational, value-added content and provided the actionable path for clients to request appointments to generate more business. It also was designed to promote their new referral program that provides an incentive of a free cleaning for every patient they referred. They also liked the fact that they can add a quiz for referrals to take to create urgency to check out a new option for their dental needs. Finally, they didn’t need to worry about asking patients – the system did the asking for them so they could focus on what they do best – providing top-shelf dental care!




A physical therapist is tired of hawking orthopedic surgeons and hanging out at gyms to drum up business

A Chicago based PT get most of her business by talking with surgeons and conducting workshops at gyms and other types of work out studios. It works pretty well, but it was enormously time consuming and still not enough to achieve her aggressive growth objectives. She is looking for a marketing platform that can help her target specific groups of relationships and incent them to refer patients to her. She learns about us, attends a live demo and immediately “gets it”. She uploads 5 lists with a push of buttons (current patients, assistants to her surgeon network, gym owners, her personal network, and her warm prospect list of everyone who attended her workshops in the past). She works with us to wire email campaigns for each using our templates with specific messaging and content for each list including her referral incentive, quiz, and path for all that leads to a “request for consultation” email alerts. She was able to fully implement the system in a fraction of the time of her past marketing saving weeks of time. She was also pleasantly surprised how everything was tracked for easy follow up.


Post author: Peter Velardi