Solo Financial Advisor transitioning marketing to “relationship marketing”

An Atlanta based financial advisor has been in business for 7 years. Up to this point, he has built his practice with leads provided by his company and leads he has purchased. He has also tried event and seminar marketing. Unfortunately, the leads he is receiving/buying are closer to cold calls than warm calls and require massive time and effort on the phone – something he is no longer willing to do. He is also finding that his event/seminar marketing is taking too much time and cost for the results he is getting.

He shut down most of his marketing with hopes of getting more referrals by stepping up his client service efforts. He learns quickly that he lacks the skills and system to do that well, so his revenue suffers. He knows he needs to transition to a better relationship marketing system- but he is not sure how. Based on an ad for RMIQ, he downloads the free marketing plan and then participates in a live demo and a light bulb goes off. He signs up for our system because he learns that all the key steps to a successful referral and networking process system are built into one easy to use system. He implements it and sends out to his top 50 clients first and receives 20 referrals!



Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in a team practice seeking technology to ramp up referrals

A Scottsdale based Advisory practice is seeking out marketing technology to take their marketing to a new level. Their best clients and majority of their business comes through referrals – though they really don’t ask much. They know there is way more opportunity for referrals with a combined 1600 person client base and a network of thousands. They have tried doing direct mail through a standard autoresponder platform – but didn’t receive many referrals. They also tried to set up a big brand marketing automation system, but found it very time consuming, overwhelming and costly. They learned about RMIQ through a referral from another user at a conference. They were particularly interested in its simplicity, affordability and most importantly how it is a complete system to generate quality referrals. Most important, it was a good fit given their desire to increase touch points with their large existing client base and network. They were not surprised to see that the system worked as advertised. What did surprise them was the amount of client activity and new business it generated from their monthly email campaign to clients. They had some great value-added content in the form of blogs, articles, and newsletters that they added links to for each in their emails. Clients responded by referring others, and requested meetings to do more business. The client satisfaction scores even went up!


Post author: Peter Velardi