A Chiropractor Grows Her New Practice Fast with ReferMe IQ

A Chiropractor in the ATL area has a relatively new practice. She specializes in cervical neck care. She has been marketing mostly through her website, doing some social media, doing email campaigns to drive attendance to educational workshops, and doing the circuit at the health clubs. She is slowly getting new patients, but she is putting in 30+ hours a week marketing and just able to meet expenses, while dealing with a heavy burden of paying back school loans. She grew up in the area and knows a lot of people through her parents and her own relationships. She gets introduced to RMIQ through a Physical Therapist she refers patients to occasionally. She uploads mostly her personal network and she set up a bi-weekly campaign to deliver value add articles, blogs and short videos while also asking for any help with introducing people to her growing practice. She was able to demonstrate her expertise this way while also hitting various hot buttons through her quiz. Almost immediately, her appointments went up from her network requesting an appointment to direct referrals to even some walk in business. She was able to cut back her marketing time, and cost significantly while her activity and new patient acquisition went through the roof. She then created a patient nurturing campaign with her patients emailing them monthly with valuable educational content and asking for referrals. She offered an incentive of 20% off their patient care by referring others – really helped drive more referrals!



A Well-Established Chiropractor Expands His Business with Referrals

A well established, Seattle based Chiropractor was thinking about ways to expand his business when he caught an advertisement for RMIQ. He has a large and loyal base of patients, but has started having retention issues. He felt like he was not doing enough to stay in touch with patients and demonstrating his unique value with ongoing care. He focused his RMIQ system mostly on setting up a weekly campaign to his patients by providing educational content around 3 themes:

  • The need for ongoing care to stay aligned so the body can heal itself properly
  • Reducing inflammation through alignment, food choices and exercise
  • The value of chiropractic care and how his approach and works (lots of patient testimonials)

He received immediate positive feedback from patients. After each email he asked if his patients knew of anyone else who would like to receive educational emails like this and that is when the referrals began to pour in. Using RMIQ resulted in increased revenue both from new patients from referrals, and more revenue from existing patient are through retention and purchasing more services that enhance holistic health.



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