Video Transcription:
Hey, I want to talk to you today about what may be the most difficult part of a successful referral prospecting system. That is, once a client actually refers somebody to you, how do you get them to contact that person and articulate your value proposition in a compelling way so they want to meet with you.

There are really three ways of doing it. Number one is you can ask them. You can give them some coaching on exactly how to do that. The second thing you could do is you could provide enablement. You can provide templates. Email is still the number one way consumers prefer to hear about a product or a service. So, you can provide them an email template and hope that they send it out.

The last thing you could do is you can automate that whole process including potentially incorporating a quiz in there so that they’ll get something automatically the second they push a button to refer. If you want to know more about that, come check out ReferMeIQ, ’cause that’s the magic of how that system works.

WHY REFERME IQ™ is the Ultimate Referral System

  • It makes it simple to automate the entire referral process
  • With built-in incentives, your clients and personal network will be motivated to refer you
  • With our system, you will never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals ever again
  • At our low price point, it doesn’t take much to get a HUGE ROI from your investment
  • Finally – an easy way to get consistent referral business, with minimal ongoing effort!



    Post author: Peter Velardi