Video Transcription:
Hey, why is it that so many businesses struggle with acquiring enough referral clients? The sad fact is that less than 12% have any type of a system that generates consistent referrals. So based upon research and conversations we’ve had with hundreds of people, let me share the top reasons why businesses struggle. Number one, there’s very few systems that ask for referrals in ways that consumers actually prefer. Number two, many people don’t think about it the right way. They have incorrect map or lenses on the situation, such as, thinking it’s unprofessional. Number three, many people report they’re simply too busy doing expensive and time-consuming stranger marketing. Number four, many people simply lack the emotional competence or courage to ask, especially under pressure. And then number five, many people simply lack skills and the confidence, leading to this awkward exchange that nobody likes. And number six is really conditioning. People simply keep doing what they’ve always done. So, that becomes an obstacle. Now if any of what I just talked about sounds like you, we want to help. So come check us out at Until then, to your success and smart marketing.

WHY REFERME IQ™ is the Ultimate Referral System

  • It makes it simple to automate the entire referral process
  • With built-in incentives, your clients and personal network will be motivated to refer you
  • With our system, you will never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals ever again
  • At our low price point, it doesn’t take much to get a HUGE ROI from your investment
  • Finally – an easy way to get consistent referral business, with minimal ongoing effort!



    Post author: Peter Velardi