Video Transcription:
Hey, I know most of you out there listening would love to have a super effective referral system that gets results. No matter what system you may use, whether it’s manual or technology based, there are six key ingredients you wanna make sure you have in your system. The first is you wanna make sure you drive the five key behaviors and you wanna make sure you do it automatically and consistently. If you’d like to know more about that, please come visit our website. Number two, you wanna quickly create some reconditioning and new habits for yourself such as new ways of thinking about this, new skills and try to obtain the emotional competency necessary to even ask. Number three, you want to focus on your relationships. How do you recondition them so they refer enthusiastically over time based upon the way they prefer to be asked. Number four, you have to make it easy for everyone. Easy for your relationships, referrals, anybody that might be an influencer in your network. You’ve gotta make it super easy for them to refer. Number five, you wanna make sure that your system is personal and authentic to you. And of course number six, you wanna make sure no matter what that you create this trustworthy and transparent path. You wanna make sure your system aligns with your values and those that you serve. If you’d like to learn more about how to all that in one easy step, come check us out at Until then, to your success and smart marketing.

WHY REFERME IQ™ is the Ultimate Referral System

  • It makes it simple to automate the entire referral process
  • With built-in incentives, your clients and personal network will be motivated to refer you
  • With our system, you will never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals ever again
  • At our low price point, it doesn’t take much to get a HUGE ROI from your investment
  • Finally – an easy way to get consistent referral business, with minimal ongoing effort!



    Post author: Peter Velardi