Video Transcription:
Hey, I want to talk with you today about the five key behaviors that must occur to generate a quality referral who is beating down your doors to do business with you. Number one, relationships must get asked. Number two, relationships must be motivated to refer. Number three, they must then introduce and recommend you. Number four, referral then needs to become interested in what you do. And number five and most important, an easy path, easy path for the referral to request contact needs to be created. Now if you have a system that drives all five of those, you know what, stick with it. If not, take a look at ours at But for now to your success and smart marketing.

WHY REFERME IQ™ is the Ultimate Referral System

  • It makes it simple to automate the entire referral process
  • With built-in incentives, your clients and personal network will be motivated to refer you
  • With our system, you will never forget to ‘ask’ for referrals ever again
  • At our low price point, it doesn’t take much to get a HUGE ROI from your investment
  • Finally – an easy way to get consistent referral business, with minimal ongoing effort!



    Post author: Peter Velardi