Video Transcription:
Hey, today I wanna talk about focus and specifically, how can you measure where you should spend your time and the concept I wanna introduce or reinforce if you know it is the concept of vital statistics. So breaking down any business that sells anything, there are three vital stats. One is activity, second is the conversion of that activity and the third is the sale size or case size of what you generate. Why is this important? Because most businesses try to do too many things at one time.

If you ask yourself, of those three, what is the most improvable, you’ll put more energy and intensity into that piece. For example, if you’re an insurance agent and you’re only seeing two people a week, that’s likely your most improvable and in that case, you wanna get that to 10. Focus on those tactics and strategies that drive that. I can tell ya, focus beats brilliance every time. By employing this strategy and putting more intensity around one of the three for a period of time, you’re gonna win.

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    Post author: Peter Velardi