Video Transcription:
Hey, I want to talk to you today about client acquisition. It is the number one challenge of every business. The execution is hard. The planning is hard. That’s why client acquisition is hard, but it is the most impactful action that you can take. It’s what drives revenue growth and most businesses that are stuck are stuck because they stop continuing to acquire new clients.

So then, it becomes, “Well, what should I focus on first?” Well, step one, have a marketing plan. Step two, have structure that executes that marketing plan. And, step three is to get the resources you need, whether it’s capital, people, systems, in order to execute to do that. If you make client acquisition your top priority, you’ll always have a continuous energy of new blood into your business and you’ll always be able to say, “I’m gonna meet my revenue goals for this year.”

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    Post author: Peter Velardi