Learn About an Easier and More Effective Way To Recruit Financial Services Professionals

  • We Understand Your Challenges

    As former recruiters of 1,000’s of FA’s, insurance agents and leaders of both– we understand your challenges. You want the most efficient and effective process to attract top talent at the least cost. However, your current strategies make it difficult to differentiate your value proposition and stand out in the sea of choices facing candidates on multiple platforms.


  • The Answer You've Been Looking For

    The answer to your challenge: Relationship Recruiting! We are talking about Referrals to targeted candidates from credible sources such as your client base, current advisors, and your network. This will be your ticket to attracting ideal candidates – at way lower cost, time and effort. Spending hours at career fairs, networking events and searching through thousands of online resumes will become a thing of the past.


  • The System That Puts It All Together

    That’s where ReferMe IQ™ comes in. We have taken our 50+ years of successful experience with relationship recruiting and marketing and combined it with state of the art technology that does it all for you- all in ways that consumers prefer! Our system will:

    – Ask your relationships for referrals to recruits – consistently – when you don’t
    – Motivate and provide an easy path for your relationships to refer ideal candidates, communicate your unique value proposition and get the recruit interested in talking to you
    – Create an actionable path for ideal recruits to ask to meet with you.
    – All of this – automatically with little time, effort and for about what you are spending on coffee each month!

    If you are looking for a better way to recruit – check us out!