Learn How Our Referral Software Helps
Healthcare Practitioners Grow their Business


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    We understand your world

    We know that each of you wants a high growth business based on Referrals where you can spend most of your time delivering on your passion – providing the care that so many need.

    The problem is that most of you don’t have a system that automates everything so you can focus on providing the care or direction that people need. We do.


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    What is the best way to get new clients?

    The typical Healthcare Professional views marketing as a necessary evil because the typical “stranger” marketing method of casting a wide net is so unproductive and costly. “Relationship” marketing results in much better outcomes – but you need a system.


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    Why ReferMe IQ™ for Healthcare Professionals?

    We have taken our 50+ years of experience with building high growth, referral based businesses and combined it with state of the art technology that does it all for you- all in ways that consumers prefer! Let our system ask your relationships for referrals consistently – when you don’t – professionally and in ways consumers prefer!